KMC Global Europe Sp. z o. o. informs that under Sub-measure 1.1.1 of the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, it is implementing a project entitled: The World’s First Light Anti-Resonant ZERO-Impact Vibrating Conveyor

Project goal: Conducting R&D works leading to the acquisition of knowledge enabling the development of the ZERO-Impact Light Anti-Resonance Vibrating Conveyor, which is innovative on a global scale and does not have a dynamic impact on the environment

Total Project Implementation Cost: PLN 6,787,437.50 Amount of Project Co-financing from European Funds: PLN 4,101,774.72

KMC Global Europe Sp. z o. o. is the sole owner of the OVIBRA brand, under the OVIBRA brand we produce highly specialized machines that use the principal of vibration for their operation. KMC Global Europe Sp. z o. o. belongs to the American group of companies: KMC Global and thus employees dealing with the OVIBRA brand have access to the knowledge and vast experience of American partners from Triple S Mechanics.

OVIBRA is a brand that is characterized primarily by quality, machines and devices that are manufactured under the OVIBRA brand are designed and manufactured with the requirements of customers in mind. The machines offered by OVIBRA are specialized equipment used for screening and vibrating transport of loose and piece materials.

The flagship machines in our offer are vibrating screens, vibrating feeders and spiral elevators. Customers who have trusted the OVIBRA brand are representatives of many different industries. Machines manufactured by us are used both in heavy industry – production of aggregates (LSA), food industry – sugar factories (SUEDZUCKER) and chemical industry – (UMICORE). Employees involved in the design and manufacture of our machines adapt them to the individual needs of customers. The OVIBRA brand can boast of its machines that successfully operate both in Europe and abroad, such as a line of conveyors made for a customer from Saudi Arabia (MEFSCO)

Technical Support

We provide extensive technical support to our current and future customers