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Inertial Vibration Feeders

If your system requires feeding set amounts of material (step by step), ask about OVIBRA Inertial Feeders


Inertial vibration feeders type PVB
Inertial vibration feeders manufactured by OVIBRA are designed for transmitting and feeding mainly bulk and pieced materials. Their main advantage is that thanks to advanced technological solutions, they can be used for fine, medium, and coarse grain materials, up to even 200 mm.
Regulation of efficiency is carried out by adjusting the position of counterweights in motor vibrators. Apart from that, in custom makes there is an option to have additional stepless efficiency regulation in the ± 20% range through a frequency converter.

A tried and tested design allows you to keep the costs on a competitive level and ensures high reliability. A robust heavy frame is the base of the vibration trough.

Single-mass Vibration Conveyors

Transport your material problem-free year after year, saving on maintenance costs. We offer a wide array of conveyors for the transport of bulk and lump materials.


Vibration conveyors manufactured by OVIBRA are used primarily for transporting bulk and lump material, both delicate and abrasive, and even hot. We also offer dual-mass vibration conveyors, which are characterized by a very low power consumption rate.

The conveyors’ operation combines malfunction-free, silent and smooth transport of material with adjustable efficiency. This kind of equipment is used in technological and warehouse transport. Designed to perform selection, as well as conduct additional physical and chemical processing. Another advantage of these conveyors is that they are powered by our inertial electrovibrators.

Dual-Mass Vibration Conveyors

Transport material malfunction-free year after year while avoiding problems with vibrations transmitted to the ground.


These power-efficient OVIBRA dual-mass vibration conveyors do not transmit dynamic loads to the ground; they are used mainly for transporting fine- and coarse-grain, delicate or abrasive materials of temperatures different from the environment. Dual-mass vibration conveyors boast a very low power consumption rate and do not transmit vibrations to the ground, which means they can be installed on high or fragile structures.
The conveyors’ operation combines problem-free, silent and smooth transport of materials with adjustable efficiency. This type of machines are used in technological and warehouse transport. Designed for performing selection as well as conducting additional physical and chemical processing, they are used mainly:

  • when because of location, vibrations transmitted to the ground must be reduced
  • when power efficiency is paramount
  • when the transported material needs to be damage-free.
  • They can operate in dry and moist conditions.
  • They are often used for collecting material from multiple feeders.
  • Main uses include the food and chemical industry.

VPI Vibration Screens

Make the highly efficient, reliable, and energy-saving VPI or VPJ screening unit part of your production line. You will stop worrying about clogged sieves and high energy usage.

Chief Advantages

OVIBRA VPI and VPJ vibration screens with directly activated sieves are machines designed for highly efficient operation coupled with low power consumption. The three characteristics making them stand out from traditional machines are:

1. Fixed riddle – because it’s inductors, and not the whole riddle, that transmit vibrations onto the sieve, the machine transfers practically no vibrations onto the structure and the ground it’s situated on.

2. Energy economy – in screening units of this type, the vibrations being limited only to the sieve bed and not the whole device allow the use of smaller, more power-efficient vibrators.

3. Self-cleaning – unlike many other machines of this type, the VPI and VPJ screening units are perfectly suited for screening both dry and moist materials. Thanks to their construction, they ensure effective operation even with materials having strong tendencies for clustering, clogging and blocking the sieves.

Hybrid Vibration Screens

If you have a material that is very fine and difficult to screen, and you have to deal with spatial confinements that make a VPI unsuitable for the job – we have a solution


The VPH Hybrid Vibration Screens combine the advantages of a classic screening unit and a tamped-sieve screen.

The OVIBRA VPH Hybrid Vibration Screen is a device designed for highly efficient use with materials possessing traits that make them difficult to screen, such as:
high moisture
tendency to clog the mesh
low height of the installation site

Thanks to its unique design, using two drives with different operating frequencies, this type of screening unit simultaneously grinds and screens the material. This solution allows using the unit for such tasks as molding sand regeneration or screening small grain fine coal.

The OKM Hammer Crusher manufactured by OVIBRA can crush almost every kind of material – order the crushing kit or add it to an ordered screening unit.

Hammer Crusher – Type OKM


The hammer crusher offered by OVIBRA is a machine, whose size allows for using it even in very limited spaces. The main types of materials for use with the OKM crusher are:

  • shale
  • brick debris
  • ceramic debris
  • coal
  • glass
  • salt
  • other materials of similar structure and different hardness

Our hammer crusher can, on the client’s demand, be equipped with special hammers, suited for crushing very hard materials such as quartz or basalt. OKM crushers can constitute a discrete element of a technological line or be built as part of a larger crushing unit.

Grids and Casting
Vibrating Knock-out Grids and Casting Tables

Vibrating knock-out grids manufactured by OVIBRA are machines with a wide array of applications.
In foundries, they are used for:

  • breaking up molds in order to separate the cast from the molding mass;
  • grinding used molding mass for its further regeneration
  • cleaning machine casts of mass, shavings and filings
  • also used in our Molding Mass Regenerators.

Vibrating tables are used in various industries:

  • in foundries, used in forming (thickening the molding mass);
  • in cement works, used for thickening cement in forms;
  • other uses include thickening various materials, e.g. forming graphite elements.

Transport your material up quietly and reliably, at the same time subjecting it to other processes, e.g. cooling, drying…

Vertical conveyors, or OVIBRA Spiral Vibration Elevators, are used mainly for vertical transport of bulk materials, be they delicate, abrasive, or even hot. Additionally, because of the relatively long time that the material spends in the conveyor’s trough, it can be subjected to other physical and chemical processes.

The elevators’ operation combines silent and smooth transport of material with adjustable efficiency. The main application of this type of equipment is in technological transport and warehousing. They are used for performing additional physical and chemical processing.

Compose your batch and fully control its input into the furnace, limiting environmental pollution.

The Vibrating Charging Car is an optimal solution for delivering batches to metallurgic furnaces. OVIBRA Charging Cars are machines used in foundries and metalwork.
The car moves between the loading zone, where the batch is loaded into its container, and the furnace, where the car’s vibration trough delivers the batch into the furnace in a controlled manner. OVIBRA loading cars offer many innovative solutions, are reliable, easy to operate, and always tailored to the client’s needs and conditions. Contact our experts to optimally configure your Loading Cars.
Best product for its price

Designed to transport and load a wide array of batch materials in intermittent or continuous operation mode. An economical solution for transporting both fine grain batch material, piece metal, pig iron, and relatively light batches of pressed sheet metal.
Control the unload zone – the car can be equipped with a permanent or movable unload zone cover – limiting dusting, escaping gas and heat radiation.
A simple, robust design keeps the costs on a competitive level and ensures high reliability – a solid, heavy frame is the base of the vibration trough and the fixed sides of the loading container, which can be equipped with impact-resistant and noise abating linings.

One of the forms of customer support for our devices, and often other producers’ devices as well, is continuous technical advisory, sales of a wide array of spare parts, as well as installation, repair, and even modification services for VIBRAtion equipment.

Spare Parts, Components, and Vibration Drives

Our permanent offer includes a wide array of spare parts, components, and vibration drives:

Spare parts for vibration equipment, including removable troughs for conveyors and feeders; Grizzly-type and ladder grates; suspension elements and shock absorbers, vibration beams, sieves, and many others
Vibration drives, i.e. motor vibrators (electrovibrators) of own manufacture or manufactured by OLI, and special vibrator drives for VPI screen impactors
Electromagnetic vibrators of own manufacture and all their components (jumpers, electromagnets, springs…)


Best in Class Support Services | Your complete satisfaction drives our innovation.

Live Material Tests

To be completely sure how the vibration conveyance, screening or other processes carried out by our machines will work, we always request real live material for tests. (Your presence is highly desired for these tests.) Contact us to set the date and terms of the tests. We are sorry, but we will not accept hazardous materials!


We build top-of-the-line VIBRAting sifters, screening units and other VIBRAtion devices tailored to your individual needs.

Our products may seem similar to those of other manufacturers, but what sets us apart is our dedication and an open approach to your problems. Ovibra’s dedicated personnel will ask a series of relevant questions, visit your company if need be, and after having gathered a full set of information, launch the selection process for appropriate equipment, paying special attention to its efficiency and reliability. This is why we are able to present you with an optimal offer, backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee.

We are a specialized manufacturer of customized VIBRAtion equipment and complete bulk material processing systems. Whether your needs are simple or complex, Ovibra’s dedicated personnel always have the will, knowledge, and experience required to help you face your challenges. Our company is open to new challenges and ideas.

For years, we have cooperated with the AGH University of Science and Technology, jointly developing new products and solutions. Being part of the American KMC group, we join forces with Triple S Dynamics, the Texas-based manufacturer of vibration equipment with over a hundred years of tradition.

Our personnel are your business partners. We ask for your trust in our dedication and expert knowledge. Our goal is to maintain your satisfaction on a high level.

Thank you for visiting our website. We’re happy that you are considering Ovibra as your partner in solving technical and processing problems; we are looking forward to cooperating with your business.

Supported industries

OVIBRA’s vibration conveyors, feeders, and screening units are designed, manufactured and installed in companies of all industries involving bulk material technological transport, segregation and processing. We are expert in applying vibration technology in industrial processes, and experienced in many industries and applications.
Vibration devices are perfect for the transport and segregation of both extremely fragile materials and big and heavy ones, such as hot casts.
The conveyors and feeders can transport materials even 10 degrees up. Their advantages are quiet, trouble-free operation, swift transmission, and adjustable efficiency.
Those are the factors that convince many investors to use our products in their technological lines.
Spiral vibration lifters are used in various industries for technological and warehouse transport.
They are also applied to perform the selection and realization of additional physical or chemical processes on the material transmitted.


OVIBRA is a company driven chiefly by customer satisfaction; this requires high quality on every stage of our work. Our employees always adhere to the guidelines of the 2004 quality management system ISO 9001:2000.

System tools, which are an integral part of the management system used in our company, allow us to maintain a high level of product and service quality, and give us almost unlimited room for development and improvement, both in terms of production and personnel. Constant improvement is a process whose goal is to provide products and services free of faults, as well as turn one-time clients into steady customers.

Machines and devices manufactured by OVIBRA fulfil all requirements regarding this type of products in the state and EU law. The set of directives governing the manufacture of our products consists of:

· the European Parliament and Council Machine Directive 2006/42/EC , implemented by the Minister of Economy’s Resolution of October 10, 2008 on essential requirements for machines (Journal of Laws Dz. U. No. 199, item 1228)

· the European Parliament and Council Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC , implemented by the Minister of Economy’s Resolution of August 21, 2007 on essential requirements for machines (Journal of Laws Dz. U. No. 155, item 1089)

· the European Parliament and Council Directive 2009/104/EC concerning the minimal requirements in the field of safety and hygiene of work tool usage by employees , implemented by the Minister of Economy’s Resolution of October 30, 2002 on the minimal requirements in the field of safety and hygiene of work tool usage by employees(Journal of Laws Dz. U. 2002 no. 191 item 1569)

The following harmonized standards are additionally used:

PN-ISO 1807 – Vibration or reciprocating movement conveyors and feeders with rectangular or trapezoid troughs;

Machine safety General rules for design, risk assessment and risk reduction (ISO 12100:2010) EN ISO 12100-1:2003 EN ISO 12100-2:2003 , EN ISO 141211:2007

Our products, thanks to our company abiding by the rigorous requirements laid down for companies in terms of quality, are always high quality, confirmed by the CE mark they bear, which is recognized around the world as an indicator of quality.


OVIBRA , everyone is happy to help, but it’s best to reach the correct, meritoriously prepared person straight away:

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Technical support

OVIBRA offers comprehensive technical support to our present and future clients.