The Vibratory Loading Cart is a an optimal solution for feeding the charge to metallurgical furnaces.

OVIBRA Loading Carts are machines used in steelworks and metal foundries. The Loading Carts moves between the loading zone, where the batch set is loaded into the tank of the cart, and then it drives to the kiln and the vibrating chute of the cart feeds the charge into the furnace opening in a controlled manner. OVIBRA Loading Carts offer a number of innovative solutions, are reliable, easy to use and always adapted to individual customer conditions.

The Loading Cart can be equipped with a fixed or movable cover for the charging zone of the furnace – limiting dusting, gas escape and heat radiation to the environment. Simple but solid construction keeps costs competitive and ensures high reliability – a solid, heavy frame is the basis of the vibrating chute and fixed sides of the loading hopper, which can be equipped with abrasion-resistant and noise-absorbing linings. Loading Carts can be equipped with a running gear based on wheels or a rail system.