OVIBRA refers to the best traditions dating back to the end of the 19th century

Years 1886 – 1945

In 1886, C. Loesch founded in Opole at today’s Kołłątaj street (then Oppeln) iron foundry and machine factory called “Oppelner Maschinenfabrik und Eisengiesserei von C. Loesch”. In 1927, the plant received a new location at Niemodlińska street, where OVIBRA is still located today. The plant produced iron castings as well as machinery and equipment for the cement and paper industries as well as for the transport of loose materials, and the number of employees ranged from 40 to 150 employees

1945 – 2002

When in 1945 the city of Opole returned to the map of Poland, the company became the property of the State Treasury, from 1959 under the new name of “Zakłady Mechaniczne Przemysłu Ogniotrwałych Ofama in Opole”. At that time, the company was developing dynamically, new buildings were built, more modern machines and devices were installed and a new assortment was introduced. In 1980, the number of employees increased to 800, of which 30 were experienced and qualified engineers. Changes in the market following the economic breakthrough of 1989/90 were severely affected by the state-owned “Zaklady Mechaniczne Ofama”. Finally, in 2002, they were privatized, which allowed them to continue operating and develop under a new name.


Based on decades of experience of the team of designers and production employees, we adopted a strategy of focusing on the development, design and production of modern vibrating devices, while adopting the appropriate name of the company – “Ofama VIBRA Opole” Sp. z o. o.

A team of experienced employees of the former Ofama, supported by new specialists, has increased the range and quality of devices offered by OVIBRA. We now provide complete solutions and technological lines. Many of our former clients of ZM Ofama trusted us, appreciating the exceptionally open and friendly attitude, quality and reliability of order execution. After years of reliable operation of the devices manufactured by us, they decide to invest in modern technical solutions that significantly improve the efficiency of production processes in their enterprises.

Another breakthrough in the development of the former ZM Ofama took place in April 2012, when Ofama VIBRA Opole became a member of KMC Global, a strong American group of machine manufacturers. Our clients and we now receive powerful product, technological and capital support. At the same time, we shorten the lengthy name of our company, changing it to “OVIBRA“.

As part of our Polish group, OVIBRA cooperates with HAPMAN Europe, which offers reliable bulk material management systems, including universal Tubular Chain Conveyors. OVIBRA products are designed for individual orders, dedicated to specific recipients and proven in tens, hundreds or thousands …

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