Take advantage of decades of experience and a wide range of reliable and effective OVIBRA vibration devices. Solve your bulk and lumpy processing problems with the help of our experts.


OVIBRA employees will provide assistance in the correct selection of spare parts for vibrating devices, including replaceable gutters (troughs) for conveyors and feeders, grates, suspension elements and shock absorbers, vibrating beams, sieves and many others.


KMC Global Europe Sp. z o. o., the sole owner of the OVIBRA brand, has a well-equipped machine park located in the production hall in Opole. We provide services in the field of steel processing: cutting, surface treatment, welding, etc. In addition, we provide post-warranty inspections of vibrating machines.


If you have any doubts about your current or planned equipment for processing loose or lumpy materials, please contact us. Our employees will help you choose the right machines for your company.