OVIBRA, as part of KMC Global Europe, is responsible for the design and production of systems based on vibration technology. Our devices allow for technological transport, screening and sorting of loose and lumpy materials for almost every branch of industry. Our offer includes screeners, feeders, conveyors, grates and vibrating tables, etc. All our devices are designed and manufactured to live up to the individual needs and requirements of our clients.

We start our offer preparation process by collecting information about clients’ needs, including an on-site inspection carried out at the client’s premises. After collecting a complete set of information, we start the process of selecting appropriate devices, with particular emphasis on their effectiveness and reliability.

KMC Global Europe is open to innovation and continuous improvement of product lines. As part of the KMC Global group, the implementation of new ideas and solutions is supported by Triple S Mechanics engineers – a Texas manufacturer of vibrating equipment with over a hundred years of tradition.

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